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Dutch Design Week 2012 in Eindhoven

We are just back from the Dutch design week in Eindhoven which was an amazing moment. The center of the city was dedicated to show some good window dressing made by local designers, some good interactions with big installations throughout the city and a great compilation of galleries, warehouses and last but not least the famous Eindhoven Design Academy which shown all the works of the recently graduated students.

The industrial zones outside the center are the places where some of the top dutch designers are settled. The Strijp area was a real unique experience with its huge warehouses, old factories transformed in futuristic and surrealistic scenographies like the « Terratorium » with the work of Tessa Koot and Lisa Klappe, also « Based in Amsterdam » with all the upcoming Amsterdam designers like Pepe Heykoop, Geke Lensink, Jesse Visser or Elise Oussoren. The Kiki & Joost Studio was also really stunning to discover and for sure Piet Hein Eek factory which is one of the highlight of the fair regarding the size of the factory and the diversity of creations you can find there. It can take you almost a day to look at everything inside with the shop, the museum, the factory itself and even the restaurant which is such an amazing place to stay. You just sit, have some good food and contemplate the huge room with Piet Hein Eek creations all over the place.

The other major creative area was Sectie C which a huge area with old warehouses turned into design studio everywhere. The first to settle here was spanish designer Nacho Carbonell and about 80 emerging designers followed him to create a small world in the east side of Eindhoven. Some of the spaces in the warehouses are totally re invented and really look like you were in a movie like Madmax. Every studios are made with recycled materials, creativity is everywhere and even the designers themselves look like people coming from another world for some of them.

After Milano design week and the London design Festival this year, the Dutch Design week is such a different and unique experience where highly creative concepts are introduced and creativity without boundaries (ie. big industrial design brand limits) seems to be the main preoccupation here. We will let you discover some of the pictures we shot during the design week and soon you will be able to watch a small movie to discover this particular and unique world of dutch design.

London Design Festival 2012 Highlights

Discover our selection of nice places we have been to in this year’s edition of the London Design Festival.

Featured in this video :

19 Greek street / Design Junction / Back Room by Faye Toogood / Life exhibition @ ICN gallery / Tom Dixon’s shop

Vidéo de la 2eme galerie Ephémère à Megeve

La Galerie Ephémère Part 2 : Shabby Chic

For the 2nd edition  of the « Galerie Ephémère« , Formes et UtopieGallery Pierre Mahaux and Squaw Valley gathered their energy along with Gallery Olivier Chetail, specialised in XXth century antiques and curiosity pieces. The 4 high-end galleries created a very special edition around the theme of « Shabby Chic« . Scenographies with exceptional design pieces were settled in the garden « Le Clos des Rennes » right in the center of Megève just for a week-end.

Pour la deuxième édition de La Galerie Ephémère, Formes et Utopie, la Galerie Pierre Mahaux et Squaw Valley se sont associés à la Galerie Olivier Chetail, spécialisée en antiquités du XXème siècle et objets de curiosité. Les 4 galeries ont regroupés leurs talents pour créer un univers féerique autour du thème du « Shabby Chic« . Les scénographies réalisées à partir de pièces de design d’exception ont été mises en place dans le jardin du Clos des Rennes au coeur de Megève pour le temps d’un week-end.

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Evènement Formes et Utopie : la 1ère galerie Ephémère de design à Megève!

For them who could not come to our first event in Megève, here is a little movie showing the atmosphere of the first pop-up design gallery created by Formes et Utopie in association with gallery Pierre Mahaux and Squaw Valley, both specialized in vintage design and mountain decoration.  The space of the garden was used to show many rare pieces of young designers mixed to a selection of vintage design. All the pieces were limited edition or unique pieces like the table of Gabriela Crespi, lamps from Tom Dixon, photographies by Jonas Loellmann, seats and lamps by Rik Ten Velden, lamps by Hanna Krüger, furniture by Valentin Loellmann or taxidermy art by Sandra Musy.

We let you enjoy the show and maybe meet us to our next pop-up design gallery on August 18th in the heart Megève.


Pour ceux qui n’ont pu s’y rendre, voici une vidéo de la première Galerie Ephémère de design à Megève initiée par Formes et Utopie, la galerie Pierre Mahaux et la boutique de décoration Squaw Valley. De nombreuses pièces uniques ou séries limitées de designers étaient présentées dans un verger situé au coeur de Megève. Jeunes créateurs ou icônes du design étaient représentés dans cet écrin de verdure, créant un univers totalement atypique et plongeant le visiteur dans un voyage à travers le temps et les frontières.

Formes et Utopie, La Galerie Pierre Mahaux, Squaw Valley présentent « La Galerie Ephémère » – Part 1

Formes et Utopie, Gallery Pierre Mahaux and Squaw Valley boutique collaborated to create an exceptionnal event in the heart of Megève : La Galerie Ephémère, the exhibition took place in a special garden and gathered many unique pieces from young designers, artists and rare antiques to create a unique melting pot and make people dream. We let you enjoy the pictures of this special and magical moment…

Formes et Utopie, la Galerie Pierre Mahaux spécialisée en design du XXème siècle, et la boutique Squaw Valley se sont associés pour créer un évènement inédit à Megève : La Galerie Ephémère dans un verger au centre du village. L’exposition regroupe des pièces uniques de jeunes créateurs, d’artistes ainsi que des antiquités d’exception.

Voici un aperçu de La Galerie Ephémère qui pris place ce week-end ensoleillé du 21 et 22 Juillet à Megève.

photo credit : Fred Hoffmann & Rik Ten Velden

« MOVIMENTO » / Young designer exhibition @Formes et Utopie 21.07.2012 – 25.08.2012

Formes et Utopie re opens for summer !

We came back with a lot of new designers from all over the world. To discover these new talents, come and join for « MOVIMENTO » exhibition from July 21st to August 25th.

Here are the designers and artists who’s work will be shown at the exhibition :
David Derksen
Hanna Krüger
Valentin Loellmann
Lex Pott
Rik Ten Velden
Fabian Von Spreckelsen
Jonas Loellmann
Sandra Musy

Best of Fiera di Milano 2012

Here is a short selection of what we discovered at the Milano Fair this year. You can also find other pictures on our Facebook page « Formes et Utopie ».

Mise en formes… Art & Design in Megève

Photo credit : Fred Mery

Special thanks to Jessica Park & Vincent Sator for giving their precious help for the scenography of Formes et Utopie, to Fred Mery and so much thanks to all of those who helped us all the way to make this happen…

The sky is pink